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Expert for JBoss Portal, GateIn, JSF and JBoss Richfaces, Drools and BRMS. Contributor on the open source project JBoss Portal. J2EE, Hibernate, Sql, etc
code HA-75-200908-977 sur en France : cvs

Expertise for architecture, specifications, as well as programming. Support for starting a project, auditing and solving the performances troubles, as well a programming. Excellent knoledge and techniq

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Dans les secteurs d'activités suivants:
Generalist... where there is a need of a Web Portal, Business Rules system.

Domaines de compétences:
JBoss Portal, GateIn Portal, J2EE, JSF, JBoss RichFaces, Drools and BRMS

Directions concernées par les interventions:
Technology Management Web industry

Types d'interventions:
Architect, technical audit expert, developper

Formations suivies:

Ingénieur ENSTA (91)
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées - concours des Mines
Option : Systèmes Formels Informatiques


Starting development on JBoss Portal and GateIn, contributing to the project, in 2005.
Extended with JSF, JBoss RichFaces, JBoss Drools and BRMS.

I work on a regular basis on a Portal project for services to customer. I build the architecture and do the programming.
programming of portlets, JSF GUI, J2EE business objects, JBoss AS, Drools and BRMS, etc

I provide consultancy for expertise to other project, on demand.

Usually between 5 to 50 days, (on demand basis only the days you need, when you need it).
I also provide support by tel and mail, for punctual requests, without being on site.


Formations animées:
Jboss Portal programming, JSF and RichFaces programming. Drools and BRMS programming of Rules. Programming best practices.

Outils informatiques maîtrisés:
High : windows, linux, scripting, web, databases... and programming
Low : Multimedia, image, music and video manipulation and tools etc...


Quelques références:
Many, Ministry in Belgium, Insurance Companies, Distribution companies, Industry companies...

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